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This is a tutorial on modeling a very detailed brick or stone wall. It takes just a couple of minutes to complete using Blender’s powerful sculpting mode. It is fast, easy, and fun. And the end result is prettay, prettay good. The end result is a model that can withstand the scrutiny of an extremely close up shot in an animated film.


In the tutorial you will learn how to:

1. Model a stone brick base mesh from a rectangle primitive.

2. Enable sculpt mode.

3. Quickly sculpt a high poly count, detailed stone brick using Blender’s Dyntopo feature.

4. Duplicate the brick to form a wall.

5. Join the all bricks together into larger more manageable objects.

6. Use sculpt mode again to break up the repetitious look of duplicated objects.


7. Add a decimator modifier and apply it to the base mesh so the final stone brick wall can be rendered faster.




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